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    Last year, I worked in a middle school near my mother’s house, and I stayed with her for a month. During that time, I helped her do some housework and buy some food.


    After the first week, I noticed that the food was eaten up very quickly. Then I began keeping an eye on my mum. To my surprise, I found that she would put some of the food into a paper bag and go out with it at about nine every morning. And finally, I decided to follow her. I saw her taking the food to the street children. She would also spend a lot of time talking and playing with them.


    One day, I talked to a neighbor and found out that my mum was well-known in the area. The children were very friendly to her and even thought of her as their own mother. Then it hit me —— why wouldn’t she want to tell me about it? Was she worried that I would stop buying food if I found out?


    When my mum got home, I gave her a big hug(拥抱). I told her she didn’t need to keep it a secret from me. And she told me something about the children. Some of them lived with an old lady in a small house. Others slept on the street. For years, she was helping the poor street children by giving them food. After she told me everything, I was so moved by how selfless(无私的) she was. She helped others in need. As her son, I was so proud of my mum.


    I continued to buy food for my mum after that. But I always added one more bag for her other children.





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